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Dogger was born in Oslo, Norway, on 16 May 1923.
On leaving school he left Norway in Dec. 1940, for Sweden.
Here the Norwegian Embassy placed him in a boarding school.
He managed to obtain a visa for Japan, crossing Russia on the Trans-Siberian railway to Vladivostok, which he left the day before Germany invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.
From Japan he boarded the Asama Maru for San Francisco.
However, upon crossing the International Dateline, the ship turned back for Yokohama - eventually Honolulu was reached.
He went ashore, missed the ship & reported to the police.
Obtaining a job on the SS Hybert, he reached Boston.
From there, got to Toronto, Canada, where he
Commenced training at the 'Little Norway' camp.
On completion of training, he was posted to the UK and joined 331 Squadron in early 1943 as a Sergeant.
Commissioned in October 1943
Awarded a DFC in July 1944.
Was then a gunnery instructor at CGS, Catfoss.
He returned to the squadron for a second tour in November 1944, as a flight commander.
He was released from the service late in 1945.
He returned to Norway, and became a successful businessman.

  Ragnar Dogger


The following is in Norwegian:

132 (N) Wing Flybasen North Weald i England var basen for de norske jagerskvadronene i nesten to år under 2. verdenskrig. 331 skvadronen flyttet dit fra Skottland 4. mai 1942, mens 332 skvadronen kom fra Nord-England 19. juni samme år. Sammen med en Royal Air Force-skvadron og en ”Eagle”-skvadron bestående av amerikanske frivillige mannskaper, utgjorde de det som ble kalt ”the North Weald Wing”, og som siden – på grunn av det sterke norske innslaget – ble kalt ”The Norwegian Wing”. 132 (N) Wing ble opprettet som en følge av tilpasning til den taktiske anvendelse av flystyrkene i felttoget på kontinentet. Den 1. november 1943 var 132 (N) Wing et faktum. Skvadronene som da tilhørte 132 (N) Wing var de norske 331 og 332 skvadronene, samt to RAF-skvadroner og en nederlandsk skvadron. Det ble besluttet at vingen skulle stå under norsk kommando, med norske avdelingssjefer og norsk personell så langt ressursene tillot. En del offisersstillinger måtte nødvendigvis besettes med personell fra RAF, som hadde inngående kjennskap til RAFs administrasjon, sikkerhetsbestemmelser mm. Ved krigens slutt ble 132 (N) Wing overført til Norge, og etablerte seg med base på Kjevik. De utenlandske enhetene i vingen forlot Norge i slutten av november. Den 25. november 1945 ble vingen oppløst, og organisasjonen gikk over til å bli ”Luftforsvarets stasjon Kjevik”.

This translates roughly to:

132 (N) Wing, North Weald, England was the base for the Norwegian jagerskvadronene for almost two years during World War 2.
331 Squadron moved there from Scotland may 4, 1942, while 332 squadron came from Northern England June 19, same year. Together with a Royal Air Force squadron and an "Eagle" squadron consisting of American non-governmental crews, amounted to what was called "the North Weald Wing", which – due to the strong Norwegian element — was called "The Norwegian Wing."
132 (N) Wing was created as a result of adaptation to the tactical application of air forces in the campaign on the continent. On 1 November 1943 was 132 (N) Wing.
Squadrons which then belonged to 132 (N) Wing was The Norwegian 331 and 332 squadrons, as well as two RAF squadrons and a Dutch squadron. It was decided the wing was supposed to be under Norwegian command, with the Norwegian department managers [staff officers] and Norwegian personnel as far as resources allowed. Out of necessity, [staff officer] positions had to be filled with personnel from the RAF, which had detailed knowledge of RAFs administration.
By war's end, 132 (N) Wing transferred to Norway, and established itself with a base at Kjevik. The foreign [officers] in the wing left Norway at the end of November. On 25 November 1945 the wing was dissolved and the organization went on to be "Per Cent station at Kjevik" (whatever that means).


Victories Include :

1 July 1943
19 Aug 1943
24 Oct 1943
23 Jan 1944
15 June 1944
29 Dec 1944
one Me109
one Me109
one Me109
one FW190
one FW190
two Me109s

6 / 0 / 1

All with 331 Squadron


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