German Air Gunners of WW2

Gunner's View


Albert Arzt      
Alois Berndl     III/StG 1
Leonhard Burr *     VII/StG 77
* Ernst Filius   * Alwin Boerst * (both KIA 30mar44)

I/StG 2
Ernst Gadermann Ernst Gadermann *   Hans Rudel PKdo Weiss
Erwin Hentschel * Erwin Hentschel   Hans Rudel (Hentschel D 21mar44)

I/StG 2
Franz Hettinger     SS/StG 77
Hans Kanhor      
Hans Krohn *     VI/StG 2
Walter Linke     III/StG 2
Friedhelm Maahs      
Georg Pöthig      
Gerhard Rothe     III/StG 1
Werner Stein     I/StG 2
Julius Urhahn Julius Urhahn 4 Albert Metzger IV/KG 55
Karl Wahl      
Willibald Zipfel     III/StG 2


Thanks go out to

the ww2aircraft forum where I found lots of the names seen here, the pilotenbunker & Martens Ivan for the link to the Urhahn infos !

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