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Lend-Lease Spitfire
A Lend-Lease Spitfire - Artist unknown. Like the software on this page, the Russians got these Spits for FREE


This is my favorite free software [and by free I mean really free - No tricky add-ons, time limits or under-handed crap]. I use them all and find them very useful so I figured I'd "share the wealth" so to speak ... help someone out ... maybe even save someone a buck or two   -  Cheers

By The Way

If you're looking for some kind of software for doing whatever, I recommend you always check the sourceforge.net website before you buy anything. They might have a program that does what you want and they're always FREE with no BS. Great bunch always trying to help the little guy!


CreateSynchronicity - Backup and synchronizing utility. Makes incremental backups of changed files, folder or drives. Easy to use, works very well. I consider this a "must have" tool. Another winner from the folks over at sourceforge.

Gimpshop - Like Photoshop but FREE. This excellent program has everything that the average user would need. Might not be enough for the pros though.

OpenOffice - Like Microsoft Office but FREE. For the average user this should do all you want. No need to spend big bucks on an office suite.

Sandboxie - Protects your computer by creating a "sandbox" for you browser. If you got to a website that has been hacked and malicious script has been embedded in the code, this program will prevent the malware from being written onto your drive. This is a real ass-saver because that is how most bad code make it's way onto computers these days. Don't surf without it ! (free version has a few second wait time when it first loads)

Rocketdock - A cool little app that adds a Mac style menu to your desktop. I really like it !

Malwarebytes - An excellent anti-malware application that's really helped me out in the past. In my mind, this program -

SuperAntiSpyware - (which, like Malwarebytes, also finds problems hiding in your RAM)

AVGFree - I might not be using it much longer.

SpywareBlaster - From JavaCool. Inoculate your browser against hijackers, spyware etc. This app has saved my ass many times and does NOT run in the background. Just update it regularly and it's Good-To-Go.

HijackThis - From Trend Micro should tell you what's gotten into your browser just in case SpywareBlaster was updated too late ;^)

Filezilla - My FTP client. From the makers of Firefox. Easy to learn and use. My kind of software eh. Works like the others only better - & free.

CSDiff - From Component Software. This free and extra handy program will tell you the difference between 2 files ... and if you work on the computer much, I don't have to tell you how handy that can be ! [Unfortunately, this is no longer available]

DuplicateCleaner - Finds duplicate files on your computer and lets you choose what to do with them. User friendly.

FileMenuTools - If your right-click menu just isn't up to snuff, you might like this little piece of freeware. It's full of customizable options. So much so that I use the full version.

QuickTimeAlternative - Codecs that allow the playing of Quicktime movies in windows media player 6.4 or later so you don't have to install QuickTime on your PC.

RealAlternative - Codecs that allow the playing of Real Media movies in windows media player 6.4 or later so you don't have to install RealPlayer on your PC.



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