Best Caps

Hartmann & Barkhorn by J.G. Keck
Lt. Col. Louis Houck (356FG) from Osprey's "P-47 Thunderbolt Aces of the 9th & 15th Air Forces"
This one doesnt really count though, does it?



the "Fifty Mission Crush"

Just for the heck of it, I'd like to find the most ... we'll call it "unique" (and by unique I dont mean the "They only made 3 of these" kind, I mean the "I've seen a shitload of those but I've never seen one like that before" kind) Cap I can and post it here. So far, these are the best I've found but I'll be keeping my eyes open for more good ones. If you have a photo that you think would fit here, by all means, me an email and I'll put 'er up.


I think the Duke's in 1st place so far.
Look at that hat !  Aint she a beaut?

Grizzle Klersy
Wild Bill "Grizzle" Klersy lookin' mighty sharp


Snooks Everard
"Snooks" Everard is sportin' a dandy
Buck McNair
This'n got even better but so far so good Buck


Gordy Troke
Gordy Troke's is looking well-worn

Sandy McRoberts
Sandy McRoberts - Not bad ...


Ormy Ormston
This photo doesn't do Ormy's much justice
Basil Mossing
Basil Mossing - best cap on 414 sq. !


Do you have a photo ?




To many fighter pilots during WW2, having a well-worn cap was like a badge of honor. It meant you'd been around for a while - no "Sprog" here. Most could get away with it in the field to some degree, but it became more difficult as your surroundings grew more civilized.
George Beurling, still wearing the cap that went through everything with him, including Malta & "the crash", was stopped short when he tried to exit the plane in Ottawa - after all, he was about to meet the Prime Minister. His hat was yanked off and a stiff new one was placed on his head.
Looks like George aint too crazy about it but Prime Minister Mackenzie King seems pretty pleased. Too bad about the cap George, I would really like to have seen your good one ...
George "Buzz" Beurling & MacKenzie King
Screwball Beurling and PM MacKenzie King


Brits & Other RAF Types

John Cock
Not bad Johnny, not bad  (thanks Matt)




Bing Bong
Bing Bong sports a real beauty -
& even the Generals are getting in on the action.
Nothing too fancy but ... the wires are out !
Tommy McGuire
Tommy McGuire - Noice, Noice


Kid Hofer
Kid Hofer - Not too bad Kid !
Herky Green
Herky Green - fairly new but styled nicely


Archie Harrington
"Harry" Harrington proves that being married to the daughter of the Mayor of Ottawa, does not mean you can't have a cool hat!
James Brewer
James Brewer has a real beaut! I got this photo from the Ace Pilots web site. James sent that site lots of photos of his time in the Pacific (35 F, 8 FG) & you can check them out at the acepilots.com site


Horace Waggoner
Horace Waggoner - Hell yeah!
Bob Westbrook
Bob Westbrook - not bad Bobby


Armour Miller
Armour Miller... whaaat ?




Erich "Bubi" Hartmann
Bubi's got things raked back nicely ...
Gerhard "Gerd" Barkhorn
and buddy "Gerd" ... sweet !

Hans Marsaille
I guess that wire just fell out all by itself eh Hans?
Wilhelm "Willie" Batz
Willie's startin' to get the hang of it !


Gunther Rall
If I had one that nice Gunther, I'd be smiling too


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