A collection of WW2 era, aviation-themed magazine ads

Click the "mini" to see the Big'un. These are kinda large scans so you dial-ups ... let 'em load !

Studebaker - "Thanks a million for those fine engines"
Whichever service he's in he's glad there's a Martin Mariner
Straight Steer by Fisher
Cadillac - Craftsmanship is still our stock in trade
Vega Ventura - Open for Business

North American - "I autographed a bomber - you can, too !
Shell - Hide, Seek, bomb ... and Jink
North American - "Dear" Dr. Goebbels
Oldsmobile - Flying Buzz Saw
North American - We could have done this a year ago

Quaker State - It's taking 'em through the pinches ...
Shell - Hop... Skip... and Sunk
Nash Kelvinator - "Until I come back ..."
Allison - A Case in Point
Dodge - Engines from a Super-Factory

GOODYEAR - on the World's Fastest Tricycles
Allison - Power to Win
Packard - Up goes the Mustang's ceiling
Western Electric - RADAR puts the finger on our enemies
Bendix - The Invisible Crew

Pontiac - Dive bombers beware ...

These four below are not my scans and are of lesser quality but are still fairly readable

Canadian War Bonds - When? It's up to you !
Curtis-Wright Salutes the Flying Tigers
MobileOil and MobileGas


Poster Gallery

WW2 Oldsmobile Ads

I just picked up a bunch of these beauties (almost 40 and gettin more) and I'm gonna post 'em all. But, to make them worth looking at (and they are), I have to scan them at 300 dpi (which takes forever) then put them together in Photoshop (they're too big to scan in one piece) then reduce them ... blah blah blah ...




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