T H McArthur

USAAF   Captain

DFC,   AM (x8)

From Caradan, Texas.
T H was his name. The initials apparently don't stand for anything.
(Another American ace with only initials for a name was top US Spitfire ace L C Wade).
Joined the Army Reserves.
Rated a pilot & commsissioned a 2Lt. on 31 October 1941 at Stockton Field, California.
Joined the 95th Fighter Squadron, 82FG in December 1942.
CO of that unit from 12 April to 1 May 1943.

I dont know for sure but his buddies in the squadron probably called him "Mac" which was the standard nickname for men whos last names started with MC or MAC.

Killed in a Flying Accident 3 May 1943.


Victories Include:

31 Jan. 1943
21 Feb. 1943
22 Mar. 1943
17 Apr. 1943
28 Apr. 1943
29 Apr. 1943
one Me110
one Ju88
one Me109
one BR20
one Me109
one Me109

5 / 1 / 0


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