Warren Donald "Don" Curton

USAAF   Lieutenant

DFC x2,   AM x5

Born 8 July 1922 in Spring City, Tennessee
Joined the Army Reserves 1 June 1942
Aviation cadet from 20 Nov. 1942 to 29 Aug. 1943.
Winged 30 August 1943 as a 2nd Lt.
Assigned to the 49 FG.
Flew P-38's in the Pacific Theater with the 9th FS, 49th FG
Promoted to 1st Lt. 18 August 1944
By the end of 1944, he had flown 148h 20m of combat flying.

Promoted to Captain 6 February 1946.
Released from service on March 12.
Transferred to the regular Army on 19 June 1947.
Reduced rank until June 1950 when he made captain again.
Promoted to Major 1 June 1952
Lt. Col. 11 February 1962
Colonel 18 October 1965
He died 31 August 1989
  Warren Curton


Warren Curtain gets his first kill
Warren Curton gets his first of five aerial victories, October 10, 1944 Balikpapen, Borneo. Oil by Frank Jasek *


Victories Include :

3 June 1944
10 Oct 1944
16 Nov 1944
29 Nov 1944

5 Dec 1944
one Oscar
one Oscar
one Oscar
one Zero
one Tony
one Zero
destroyed *

5 / 1 / 0

* According to Osprey's "Aviation Elite Units - 49th Fighter Group - Aces of the Pacific" by William N. Hess, after this claim Don damaged another Oscar which was finished off by Lt. Frederick Helterline. Warren was apparently given credit for a damaged (not officially it seems). However, that would normally have resulted in a shared kill. His score might then be  5.5 / 1 / 0


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Thanks go out to

Frank Jasek for the painting


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