Henry Lozier Condon II

USAAF   Major


DFC,   AM x7


Born in Opelika, Alabama, 19 November 1919.
Joined the Army & rated a pilot on 13 December 1942.
Served with the 72FS, 318FG, but transferred to the 475FG on 29 June 1943.
By the end of June he had logged 158 hours & 50 minutes worth of sorties.
Promoted to Captain in April 1944.
He was CO of 432 Squadron from 4 August 1944 to 2 January 1945.
He was killed 2 January 1945 over the Philippines by an explosion incurred while attacking a target.
Henry Condon


Condon in his P-38
Condon in his P-38



Victories Include :

22 Sept. 1943
30 Sept. 1943
3 Apr. 1944
25 Dec. 1944
one Zeke
one Betty
one Oscar
two Zekes

5 / 0 / 0


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Henry's niece Barbara for the photos & infos !


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