Percy Robert Bartelt

Navy   Lt.

Flying Tiger

Born 14 November 1918 (1912?) in Waseca, Minnesota.
Graduated from the Univ. of Iowa with a BS in Mech. Eng.
Was in the ROTC while there & that led to a year as a 2nd Lt. in the Army Corps of Engineers.
Resigned his commission to join the Navy as a pilot.
Commissioned in Pensacola, 2 january 1938.
Served on the Saratoga with VF-3 until resigning his commission to join the AVG, summer 1941.
Discharged from the AVG, 21 March 1942.
Rejoined the Navy as Lt., 29 September 1942.
He instructed until being hospitalized for 28 months with a lung infection.
Left the Navy in 1951 with a disability retirement.
Worked then for the state of Minnesota.
Retired in 1974.
Died 29 March 1986.
Percy Bartelt


AVG Contract

$675, man, that was a lot of money back then !

And, they got an additional $500 for every plane they shot down !


Victories Include :

8 Jan 1942
23 Jan 1942
24 Jan 1942
two u/i fighters
  3  Type 98s
two u/i fighters
destroyed OTG

5 / 0 / 0

plus 2 OTG


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