Joseph Richard "Joe" Kilner




Born in Beckenham Kent in 1916
Joined RAFVR in 1937
Attached to 65 Sqn. in May 1939
Fought in the Battle of Britain with that unit
Sent to Canada to instruct & brought his wife & child with
Instructed at Medicine Hat, Alberta
Returned to UK

RAF #'s  741005 (NCO) & 63783 (Officer)

P/O on probation - 9 May 1941
F/O on probation - 26 May 1942
F/L - 18 May 1943



KILNER, F/L Joseph Richard (63783) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.21 Squadron
Awarded as per London Gazette #36686 dated 1 September 1944.

This officer has completed very many sorties and has shot down seven and assisted in the destruction of four more enemy aircraft. He has displayed great skill, courage and tenacity, qualities which were well illustrated on a recent occasion when he pressed home a most determined attack on an ammunition train in a railway siding. Considerable anti-aircraft fire was directed at his aircraft which was hit and an engine rendered useless. Nevertheless, Flight Lieutenant Kilner flew to an airfield in this country and effected a safe landing.


London Gazette #36866 - Air Ministry, 1st January, 1945.
The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the publication of the names of the following personnel who have been mentioned in despatches :

J. R. KILNER (63783), R.A.F.V.R.


Victories Include :

26 May 1940
28 May 1940
5 July 1940
5 Aug 1940
12 Aug 1940
13 Aug 1940
16 Aug 1940

20 Aug 1940
1/2 Ju88
1/2 Do17
1/3 He111
one Me109E
one Me109E
one Me109E
two Me109Es
one Me109E
one Me109E
one Me109E
one Do17
Probable [a]
Destroyed &
Probable & [b]

4.83 - 3.83 / 3.5 - 4.5 / 2

Score may be higher

[a] Originally called unconfirmed. The term "unconfirmed" was changed to "probable" in August 1940.
      For simplicity, I use "probable" on this site for all early "unconfirmed" claims.
[b] This may have been confirmed later.


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