Thomas "Mike" Cooper-Slipper


Distinguished Flying Cross

Thomas Paul Michael "Mike" Cooper-Slipper
Born 11 January 1921 at Kinver, Staffordshire
Educated at King Edward VI Grammar School,
in Stourbridge, Worcestershire England
Raced motorcycles until he
Joined the RAF in 1938
Got wings in May 1939
P/O on probation 10 Nov 1939
F/O 15 Nov 1940
F/L 29 August 1941
Married Margaret "Rita" Brown 5 Nov 1941
S/L (temp) 1 July 1944
Transferred to the reserves in 1945
Flew against the Germans at Dunkirk and during the BoB
and the Japanese in the Far East
Becoming an ace against both
Captured by the Japanese but escaped
Subsequently being severely injured by a land mine
He immigrated to Canada in 1947
Becoming a Test Pilot for Avro Canada
Inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame in 2003
Died February 23, 2004, in Victoria B.C., aged 83

  Mike Cooper-Slipper


The London Gazette, Air Ministry, 26 November 1940

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following appointment and awards in recognition of gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy:

Distinguished Flying Cross

F/O Thomas Paul Michael COOPERS-LIPPER (41555) DFC — No. 605 Squadron.

Gazetted on - Flying Officer Cooper-Slipper has displayed great skill and daring in air combat. On one occasion he deliberately rammed and destroyed a hostile aircraft after his own controls had been practically shot away. He has destroyed seven enemy aircraft and damaged three others.


Avro test Pilot Cooper-Slipper
Avro Test Pilot Cooper-Slipper


Cooper-Slipper, while testing the Orenda Iroquois engine, with Len Hobbs & Johnny McLaughlin


Victories Include :

22 May 1940
25 May 1940
26 May 1940
8 Sept 1940

11 Sept 1940
12 Sept 1940
15 Sept 1940
27 Sept 1940

22 Jan 1942
?? Feb 1942

15 June 1943
1/2 He111
one Ju87
one Ju88
one Me109
one Do17
one He111
1/3 Do17
one Do17
one Me109

two Mi G3Ms
  3  Mi G3Ms

one Ju188
destroyed &



Rammed it then bailed out

unknown dates

12 - 10 / 0 / 4  (kills are estimated)


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